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Neewer 8″x6″/20x15cm Translucent Softbox for Canon G1 X/600D/1D X/SX40 HS/SX150 IS/60D/550D,Nikon D7000/D5100/ D5000/D3100/D3000/D700/D300,Neewer TT560 TT520 TT660 TT850 TT860 and Other DSLR Flashes

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Proficient Lighting Made Easy! 

This is a convenient and adaptable softbox intended for speedlites and flashes with a hotshoe. The softbox comes standard with a flexible L-Shaped mounting section which can fit for all intents and purposes any blaze unit. By diffusing the blaze, the softbox makes a notwithstanding lighting that permits you to catch picture-consummate shots. It will likewise lessen imperfections and enhance skin tone differentiate while conveying super rich shading. It's all that you have to deliver studio like photography on a more expert level.

Helpful And Effective 

Just unfurl the diffuser and connect the velcro front, and you're prepared to go! Extend opening permits you to interface the diffuser to most shoe mount flashes.

Good With: 

Nikon D7000 , D5100 , D5000 , D3100 , D3000 , D700 , D300 , D300S , D100 , D90 , D70 , D70S , D60 , D40 , D3 , D3S , D3X

Nikon SB-900 AF , SB-800 AF , SB-700 AF , SB-600 , SB-400 AF Neewer TT560 TT520 tt660 NW680 tt850 TT860 and Other DSLR Flashes

Standard : G1 X/600D/1D X/SX40 HS/SX150 IS/60D/550D/SX30 IS/G12/SX130IS

By diffusing the glimmer, the softbox makes a notwithstanding lighting that permits you to catch picture-idealize shots.

Changes over the brutal light from blaze to a milder, diffused light, while decreasing shadows and softening problem areas.

Basically unfurl the diffuser and join the velcro front, and you're prepared to go!

Extend opening permits you to interface the diffuser to most shoe mount flashes.

Zookki 40 in 1 Outdoor Sports Accessories Kit for GoPro Hero 4 3+ 3 2 1 Black Silver Accessory Kit for GoPro 4 3+ 3 2 1 SJ4000 SJ5000 SJ6000 in Parachuting Swimming Rowing Surfing Skiing Climbing Running Bike Riding Camping Diving Outing and Other Outdoor Sports

Product Description

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Pressing rundown: 

1 x ZOOKKI Head Belt Strap Mount 

1 x ZOOKKI Chest Belt Strap Mount 

1 x ZOOKKI Extendable Handle Monopod 

1 x ZOOKKI Wrist Strap Mount 

1 x ZOOKKI 360 degree Rotary Clip Mount 

1 x ZOOKKI Bike Handlebar Holder Mount 

1 x ZOOKKI Wrist Strap(Does exclude remote control) 

1 x ZOOKKI Car Suction Cup Mount(7cm-width base) 

1 x ZOOKKI Floating Handle Grip 

1 x ZOOKKI Flexible Octopus Stand Tripod 

1 x ZOOKKI Three-way Adjustable Pivot Arm 

2 x ZOOKKI Tripod Mount Adapter 

2 x ZOOKKI Surface J-Hook Buckle 

2 x ZOOKKI Surface Quick Release Buckle 

2 x ZOOKKI Adapters(1 x long + 1 x short) 

4 x ZOOKKI screws Bolts(3 x long + 1 x short) 

2 x ZOOKKI Flat and 2 x Arc Mounts 

10 x ZOOKKI cement pad(5 for Flat and 5 for Curved Mounts) 

Unconditional Present For You: 2 x ZOOKKI Safety clasps Chest Belt Strap Mount + J-Hook Buckle. It permits you to introduce the gopro camera on your mid-section. The length of the strap can be acclimated to the best to make you agreeable. No compelling reason to stress over the firming issue. At the point when the camera is settled well, you are allowed to do anything. Any great pictures won't be missed. 

Monopod Handhold Mount. It is a form to share an extendable handle monopod. It can be prolonged and abbreviated effortlessly (8 to 43in).It is just 8 inches when it is diminished to the most brief length. Simple to convey in your pocket or pack .No matter where you are (stop, party and so forth), it will help you modify the separation and stature to take pictures of yourself, particularly amass photograph. 

Extensive Diameter Car Suction Cup Mount Holder + Tripod Mount Adapter. The auto suction glass mount holder is a general devices. We can conform the GoPro to various edges by turning the connector's position. It records the scene inside or outside the auto effortlessly when you are driving an auto. 

Bicycle Handlebar Holder Mount + Three-way Adjustable Pivot Arm(Without Surface Quick Release Buckle).By turning the screw, you can accomplish the impact of altering the measure of the interface. Regardless of what size of your bicycle or cruiser's handlebar is, it can be effortlessly and safely introduced on your bicycle or bike handlebar. 

360-Degree Rotating Wrist Strap Mount. By altering the three-way movable rotate arm, you can conform your gopro camera to any points through the mix. At that point, you won't miss any great pictures because of the edge of your camera.

NB-10L Battery and Charger Kit for CANON PowerShot SX50 HS, SX40 HS, G1X, G16, G15

NB-10L Battery and Charger Kit for CANON PowerShot SX50 HS, SX40 HS, G1X, G16, G15 (Canon NB-10L Replacement) – Includes: 2 Vivitar Ultra High Capacity Rechargeable 1300mAh Li-ion Batteries + AC/DC Vivitar Rapid Travel Charger + Cleaning Kit + MagicFiber Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth

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VIVITAR Brand. High caliber, enduring, showcase driving execution at a small amount of the cost. In case you're not totally happy with this buy we'll take it back for a full discount. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. 

– Vivitar Batteries For Canon (trade for Canon NB-10L) 

– Quantity: 2 

– The NB-10L battery speaks with the Canon Powershot arrangement camera, so you can simply check the rest of the limit, shade number and energize execution on the cameras control source information screen. 

– Specifications 

– Capacity: 1300mAh. 

– Compatibility: 

Ordinance POWERSHOT 

– SX60 HS 

– SX50 HS 

– SX40 HS 

– G3X 

– G1X 

– G16 

– G15 

– New Rapid Travel Charger for CANON NB-10L Battery 

– This charger offers fast charging. Simple and solid. Ideal for charging save batteries. 

– The charger connects to any standard AC outlet (regular USA sort). 

– Includes DC Car Charger for charging in the auto! 

– Includes Euro Adapter for universal charging. 

– Wall Charger Input: AC 100 ~ 240V. 

– 2oz. Convenient Empty Plastic Spray Bottle 

– Perfect for holding water, fragrances, or your most loved cleaning arrangement. 

– Ergonomic 2oz plan is agreeable to utilize. 

– Spray jug will arrive purge. 

– Professional Air Blower Cleaner for DSLR Camera 

– Direct a capable stream of air to overwhelm earth and spots from focal points, DSLR sensors and camera mirrors. 

– Safer and simpler to control than packed air. 

– Professional Cleaning Brush 

– Perfect for cleaning camera focal points, channels, binocular focal points, eyepieces, and other optical things. 

– New MagicFiber Premium Microfiber Cleaning Cloth. 

Vivitar Brand Battery and Charger Kit. High caliber, durable, showcase driving execution at a small amount of the cost. 

The charger connects to any standard AC (Common USA) outlet. Additionally incorporates 12V DC Car Charger and Euro Adapter plug (Great when voyaging). 

The Vivitar NB-10L battery speaks with the Canon PowerShot arrangement camera, so you can simply check the rest of the limit, shade tally and revive execution on the cameras control source information screen. 

Group NB-10L Replacement. 100% Compatible with the Canon Powershot SX60 HS, SX50 HS, SX40 HS, G3X, G1X, G16, G15 Cameras. 

Supported with DigitalGoja 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. No Hassle Returns and Refunds.

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Answering the question, what is the best camera for vlogging can be a lot about personal choice and a lot about budget in my opinion. Before I invested in a camera I did a lot of research, the first part being, what were other Vloggers using? I started with current top You Tubers like Pewdiepie, Thatcher Joe and Zoella, what did they use? Much time was spent googling their cameras and watching their videos to see it they showed what they were filming on and I could use my detective skills to work it out for myself.


Canon DLSR 60D

The second camera I progressed to was my Canon DLSR 60D. Now, this is great camera, it’s compact and you can get all fancy with lens, if you want to be more ‘filmic’ with your videos. You can also self focus and zoom in and out, and well, it’s just a ‘real camera’ and does everything a real camera will do. This is a great camera to opt for as you can use for photos too, genius! This camera suited me for vlogging because I could turn the viewer to face me, meaning I could frame shots well, making sure I had my subject in focus and framed well.

The biggest downside of this camera for me was the weight of it, the carrying around the albeit small rucksack with tripod, which wasn’t so great for those events that turned into nights out and I have been known to be dancing in the small hours with rucksack and tripod in tow, especially during the Edinburgh festival. It’s an extra worry that someone might be too heavy handed and my kit might break. The DLSR, while great for indie filmmaking, wasn’t very discreet, hard to hold in selfie mode and just not ideal for a long term option. Then, I started looking for the best vlogging camera known to man! 

Now, before I go onto the last and final Camera, I want to confess a little flirtation with my GoPro Hero 4 for vlogging. It was so brief I almost forgot about it. Now you can’t really go wrong with this camera, you can attach it to a selfie stick, point and shoot. It’s also so super teeny it ticks all the compact boxes and record great images, sound can be patchy as it’s being picked up from the camera but you can get externals if you wanted, doesn’t make it as compact anymore though. It does give a ‘Fish eye’ effect, because it has a wide lens, but you can reduce in editing, so don’t get worried about that. All in all it’s a great little camera, BUT, it’s not the ideal camera. I find it best to stick with the GoPro for adventures!


And then there was ‘The One’, THE BEST CAMERA FOR VLOGGING, if you are prepared to save up for it. Priced at around the £350 mark, the Canon Powershot G7X is not the cheapest vlogging camera BUT, it is definitely the best vlogging camera. This is the camera I researched from the start, this is the camera that PewDiePie uses, and if you want to take your lead from someone, it might as well be the best You Tuber in the world. Am I right?

Okay, let’s be real here, I know this camera might be out of price range for many, and there are cheaper versions around the £100 mark. If you are new, then opt for one of them. Luminex do a great version. My decision was made as a film maker, I can use this camera for more than vlogging, I’ve used it on shoots, it’s so compact, it has a self facing viewer, which was the reason I wanted it so badly, and why I recommend a camera of it’s type. When you’re shooting it’s good to see immediately what you are shooting rather than searching through footage and finding half your face missing or stuff like that.

This camera gives you all the features of a regular DLSR. You can be ‘filmic’. Am sure when you look through the videos you will notice the differences, in image quality, sound, and perhaps even content as confidence in my equipment grows.

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Canon PowerShot G3 X First Look

Group has today dispatched the most recent high-spec expansion to its PowerShot arrangement of compacts fit as a fiddle of the Canon PowerShot G3 X

The model is intended to fit in the middle of the G7 X and G1 X Mark II in Canon's extent, and because of a 1in sensor and 25x optical zoom it ought to give a solid test to extension cameras from Panasonic and Sony, amongst others. 

We got an early take a gander at the G3 X in front of today's dispatch and got a more intensive take a gander at what this new expansion offers. 

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Standard PowerShot G3 X First Look – Features 

As is frequently the case with significant camera makers, a large group of the PowerShot G3 X's usefulness is gone down from different models in Canon's reduced line-up.

The model elements the same 1in BSI CMOS sensor, complete with a determination of 20.9MP, as found in the producer's more best in class G1 X Mark II model, complete with an ISO scope of 125 – 12,800.

The G3 X additionally acquires that model's DIGIC 6 processor, conveying as host of execution advantages including a nonstop shooting velocity of up to 5.9fps.

Maybe the feature highlight on the new model is its broad lens. The model elements a 25x optical zoom covering a central reach equal to 24-600m in 35mm terms. The lens additionally elements a variable greatest gap of f/2.8-5.6, which means you can in any case get a sensible measure of light in at the tele end of the zoom.

As far as picture sythesis the G3 X includes an amazing 3.2in, 1.6m-spot tilt touchscreen which can be turned around 180-degrees. One element missing here, be that as it may, is a viewfinder – the G3 X doesn't accompany one included, and in the event that you need to add one you'll need to spend about £200 on the discretionary EVF-DC1.

At long last, the G3 X additionally elements full HD video catch alongside an amplifier port and earphone jack, and also Wi-fi and NFC availability.

Canon PowerShot G3 X First Look – Hands on

While the G3 X takes a large group of outline indications from the G7 X, it's a far bulkier camera overall. The lens itself distends from the camera body and doesn't feel very as easily coordinated as some of its opposition.

When you fire the camera up and begin shooting with it, it's observable exactly how fast the center execution is. Indeed, even at the tele-end of the zoom, the model figures out how to obtain precise center in the blink of an eye by any means.

The construct and plan of the camera is such that when shooting you feel constrained to raise the camera to your eye. However unless you've put the additional trade out the discretionary viewfinder this is a pointless work out, and notwithstanding when the hot-shoe viewfinder is joined it feels like a touch of a reconsideration.