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Zookki 40 in 1 Outdoor Sports Accessories Kit for GoPro Hero 4 3+ 3 2 1 Black Silver Accessory Kit for GoPro 4 3+ 3 2 1 SJ4000 SJ5000 SJ6000 in Parachuting Swimming Rowing Surfing Skiing Climbing Running Bike Riding Camping Diving Outing and Other Outdoor Sports

Product Description

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Pressing rundown: 

1 x ZOOKKI Head Belt Strap Mount 

1 x ZOOKKI Chest Belt Strap Mount 

1 x ZOOKKI Extendable Handle Monopod 

1 x ZOOKKI Wrist Strap Mount 

1 x ZOOKKI 360 degree Rotary Clip Mount 

1 x ZOOKKI Bike Handlebar Holder Mount 

1 x ZOOKKI Wrist Strap(Does exclude remote control) 

1 x ZOOKKI Car Suction Cup Mount(7cm-width base) 

1 x ZOOKKI Floating Handle Grip 

1 x ZOOKKI Flexible Octopus Stand Tripod 

1 x ZOOKKI Three-way Adjustable Pivot Arm 

2 x ZOOKKI Tripod Mount Adapter 

2 x ZOOKKI Surface J-Hook Buckle 

2 x ZOOKKI Surface Quick Release Buckle 

2 x ZOOKKI Adapters(1 x long + 1 x short) 

4 x ZOOKKI screws Bolts(3 x long + 1 x short) 

2 x ZOOKKI Flat and 2 x Arc Mounts 

10 x ZOOKKI cement pad(5 for Flat and 5 for Curved Mounts) 

Unconditional Present For You: 2 x ZOOKKI Safety clasps Chest Belt Strap Mount + J-Hook Buckle. It permits you to introduce the gopro camera on your mid-section. The length of the strap can be acclimated to the best to make you agreeable. No compelling reason to stress over the firming issue. At the point when the camera is settled well, you are allowed to do anything. Any great pictures won't be missed. 

Monopod Handhold Mount. It is a form to share an extendable handle monopod. It can be prolonged and abbreviated effortlessly (8 to 43in).It is just 8 inches when it is diminished to the most brief length. Simple to convey in your pocket or pack .No matter where you are (stop, party and so forth), it will help you modify the separation and stature to take pictures of yourself, particularly amass photograph. 

Extensive Diameter Car Suction Cup Mount Holder + Tripod Mount Adapter. The auto suction glass mount holder is a general devices. We can conform the GoPro to various edges by turning the connector's position. It records the scene inside or outside the auto effortlessly when you are driving an auto. 

Bicycle Handlebar Holder Mount + Three-way Adjustable Pivot Arm(Without Surface Quick Release Buckle).By turning the screw, you can accomplish the impact of altering the measure of the interface. Regardless of what size of your bicycle or cruiser's handlebar is, it can be effortlessly and safely introduced on your bicycle or bike handlebar. 

360-Degree Rotating Wrist Strap Mount. By altering the three-way movable rotate arm, you can conform your gopro camera to any points through the mix. At that point, you won't miss any great pictures because of the edge of your camera.

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